Normandy Part 3

We visited Le Nez de Jobourg and walked from there around towards the Nez de Voidries. It was high above the sea and very cold and windy. Cake loaned me her water-proof wind breaker. (I just HAVE to leave this typo intact!) The lovely fishing village of St Vaast-la-Hougue, near to Barfleur. A powerful monument at Utah Beach. I thought of my Dad who was on a boat approaching the shore which landed right after the invasion. He told me no one aboard knew that the invasion had already taken place. Double click to enlarge this photo and you will see the most heart rending letter written by Antoine de Saint Exupéry in 1944 (the year of my birth). Kate's blog "A Merrier World" is taken from his classic book Le Petit Prince. I didn't know he had died in the invasion. If it is too difficult to read I will summarize by saying that it is a tribute to "the noble objectives" of the American people in the war.

Also heart breaking was this church with a replica of the American paratrooper (my Dad was one) impaled on one of the projections. While I was at the tapestry museum, Kate and family went to a nearby town and just happened to catch this celebration of D-Day, honoring the Americans and, of course, singing the most stirring of all national athems: Le Marseillaise. (I was sorry to have missed that but as my grandmother often would say in Yiddish: with one behind you can only be in one place at a time.) Kate and daughters and I on the ferry with the shores of Normandy in the background and Devon in our eyes to the North. When it turned dark we saw a full moon welcoming us to the shores of England. While the ferry roiled across the channel, and Kate and I succumbed to queasiness, L did more cart-wheels on deck!