Post Book Production Phase One!


This was my first visit to my publisher, Wiley, in Hoboken, NJ since the book arrived.Pam (my editor), her assistant, and Ava (production manager) and I had lunch at Zafra a wonderful Cuban/Latino restaurant owned by my friend and fellow author Maricel Priscilla. Pam and Ava Pam's lovely assistant and I


I adore Maricel's tamales and had to order the corn version as this is the height of the NJ corn season. My main course was my favorite--skirt steak with rice and chimichura type sauce. The steak had a fabulous beefy flavor. Maricel's deep fried plantains are perfect with drinks and to nibble throughout the meal. Afterwards we walked back to Wiley and I had the pleasure of signing publisher Natalie Chapman's copy of the book. It was a 90˚F. day and the sun was shining for a change, with a lovely breeze off the Hudson River. We were all on Cloud Nine (or should I say Seventh Heaven?!