Rose’s Heavenly Cakes DVD Produced By Gold Medal Flour

This beautifully produced DVD illustrates, as no other medium can do as effectively, a wide range of tips and techniques of cake making. Together with the book itself, which contains over 100 beautiful photographs and detailed text you will have the whole cake story—in short, everything you need to know to turn out heavenly cakes.

Starting today, with this first three of 23 segments on You Tube, there will be a new video posting every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks until September 29, the official publication date of the book!

The entire DVD, both in standard and high definition (part 1 and 2) will soon be available to download from the blog. You will see the link on the home page and I will post when it is ready.

Hector generously will make hard copies available for just the price of reproduction and shipping if there is enough interest. Meantime, here is your first sneak preview:

Of course it begins with flour—the heart and soul of baking.

Part One: Flour, Sugar, Butter (the holy trinity of cake baking) What type to choose, how to measure accurately, and the benefits of weighing ingredients.