Devon Part 1

I'm not a beer lover but this first sip of pub crafted brewed ale at the the Pink Pub changed my thinking. L just attended a build a bear party in Exeter. The first build a bear experience I had was in Seattle with my grand children. I didn't realize the concept had crossed the Atlantic. Bell ringing at the local church on Sunday. Kate and Oliver met in Scotland when they were both students and were also learning bell ringing. We all walked up the narrow spiral sloped stone steps to the very top of the church. (My legs felt it for days after!) This is a view of the belfry. View from the top of the church

Afternoon party and Oliver's partner's home. The best roast pig I've ever had. It was spiral scored to make the cracklings easier to serve. All the guests brought food. Our contribution was my ginger scones (talk about bringing coals to newcastle!). The pork was served on a bun with cracklings on the side. I soon left most of my bun behind in favor of five more helpings of cracklings. A beautiful house on the estate across the road. The Dartmoor Tors Oliver, T and the Tors (Do you see how they look with such loving eyes at the photographer? Yes--Kate took this photo!) The kids and I in the Tors Budleigh Salterton Beach which I called Pebble Beach because of the endless landscape of beautifully smooth stones. Kate used some to teach me how to throw like a boy--something that has long been lacking in my education. We had the best vanilla ice cream ever at a nearby stand. Of course it would be--the area is known for it's dairy products. (The cheese from a shop in Topsham were also remarkable.) M & T liked to lie against the stones which absorb the warmth of the sun. A nearby park where the children love to play Delightful encounter with UK bloggers Melinda, Jeanette, and I in rapt conversation at lunch at Dart's Farm.