Heavenly Cake DVD's on Disc from Hector

A year has gone by since one of my life dream projects was drawn together: the new Rose's Heavenly Cakes DVD produced by Gold Medal Flour. This video is designed to accompany the book with the same name! It will be available for online viewing in high definition at the Wiley website with a link from the blog. All the segments from this video is also appearing every week on youtube, but not in high definition.And for all of you who requested an actual DVD disc, here is a note from Hector: Greetings from Hector: your cake baker, devoted Rose worshiper, and now DVD man. I am delighted to inform you that the master recordings of Rose's new DVDs produced by Gold Medal Flour were handed to me for the purpose of shipping copies to everyone who would like an actual disc for just the cost of duplication and mailing. Share the love and help archive a piece of Rose, for the first time ever, on DVD. These are at much higher definition than possibly available thru the internet. It does't get closer than this! At the present moment, I am shipping the BREAD DVD (set of 1 disc). To receive your copy, please write your name and mailing address on an address label or on a 2 x 3.5 inch piece of paper (the back of a business card will do), enclose a check for $10 payable to HECTOR WONG, and send it to 2888 ALA ILIMA ST, STE 2611, HONOLULU, HAWAII 96818. Please indicate on your check: BREAD DVD. You could also paypal to myyellowkitchen@gmail.com The CAKE DVD is a set of 2 discs. $20. These can be available later on 2010. It is important to let me know how many discs I need to duplicate, as the batch copying runs 200 discs at once. You can post a note on this thread or e-mail me at the above g-mail address.