Kissing Cousins---My Fav Bar-B-Q Sauce

It may come as a surprise to some of you who are less familiar with this blog, but despite the fact that my main definition is “baker,” I am also an avid griller. In our country place in Hope I have two Weber grills—a charcoal grill and a four-burner gas grill. And I grill all year 'round.One of my best friends is grilling goddess Elizabeth Karmel and of course I consult all her cookbooks for new techniques and recipes. I’ve made my own cherry barbeque sauce based on one I tasted at an event Elizabeth gave when working for Weber grill many years ago. I stopped making it when American Spoon Food took my suggestion to bottle their version of it and it is excellent. But I have to say that my number one favorite barbecue sauce was the one I tasted when travel teaching at my friend Judie Byrd’s cooking school in Fort Worth, Texas. Judie was the most amazing hostess and she brought me to some really upscale restaurants but my favorite dinner was at Cousin’s where we had barbecue and that’s where I fell in love with their pulled pork and their tangy barbecue sauce. I missed it so much on my return east that I called Cousin’s and begged them to ship me two bottles—I didn’t dare ask for the pulled pork, which would have required dry ice. Though they didn’t normally ship the young man who answered the phone agreed to do it. A few years later, I met Zach Townsend, who lives in Texas. He’s a great chocolatier but also understands great barbecue and has been keeping me in good supply. Cousins has several locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area but most recently I’ve learned that it is now possible to purchase the sauce at the Dallas Fort Worth airport in terminals B and D. You can even pick up a sandwich of pulled pork to eat on the plane! Better pick up one for the people sitting next to you! The ingredients listed on the 1 pint bottle are: vinegar (just the right amount), tomato puree, corn sweetener (not too sweet), water, molasses, liquid smoke, salt, mustard, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, citric acid, spices. They forgot to add “perfection.”