Devon Part 2 Cooking with Kate & Oliver

Between bringing the kids to school, and attending their ballet classes, we spent most of our days baking and cooking. We did bring in fish and chips one night at my request. We couldn't have eaten better. Every night when the kids were in bed we sat down to the most amazingly delicious meals. Of course the ingredients contributed greatly. One night Oliver made salmon from Scotland that tasted more like salmon than salmon. Oliver made these exquisite scallops. Lamb is my favorite meat and English lamb my favorite lamb. Oliver does the gardening and his idea of decor is meters and meters of potato plants. They are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. Oliver brings home fresh free range eggs and together with this blood sausage was the perfect breakfast. Kate and Oliver experienced this special dish on a trip to Slovakia and recreated it on their return. It's called Halušky (pronounced halushky with a little oo and emphasis on the u). It consists of grated potato mixed with enough plain (all-purpose) flour to form a stiff dough. It is put through a meat grinder directly into boiling water and is done when it floats to the surface. It is then scooped out and drained in colander. Obviously it requires two people, one of whom is strong enough to hold the grinder!

Served with melted sheep's cheese (or goat's) and diced, caramelised bacon bits it is truly heavenly. The Halušky has a shiny slightly elastic, very pleasing and unique consistency. While Kate was putting the kids to bed I rolled out the pasta dough for the "Barbie Pasta." It is a recipe from "the rebel cook Simon Rimmer and includes beets which turn the pasta pink--ergo the name. I have no photo of this amazing dish because it was late, we were all starving, and it was too good to stop. And now I must stop and get something to eat before going on to baking because all these food memories are making me famished!