Epicurean Classic Part Three of Three

Tim Foley was the person who understood best the unique challenges of doing a bakingdemo away from one’s own kitchen. That is because he too is a baker and owner of the best bakery in town: Bit of Swiss. http://www.bitofswiss.comTim generously offered to have us do our prep at his bakery but since we had already started in the tent we tucked the offer into our memory bank for next time! On Sunday, after his demo PHOTO%201%20Tim%20slicing%20coffee%20cake.jpg Tim gave Woody and me a tour of his marvelous bakery. Here are a few of the photos Woody took while I was busy oohing and aahing which will give you an idea just how spectacular and delicious his work is. Tim had this beautiful tile mural made for the bakery in Italy. PHOTO%202%20big%20tile%20work.jpg A custom-made Kitchen Aid PHOTO%203%20kitchenaid%20mixer.jpg

Harvest King Flour (the food service name for our beloved Better for Bread flour) PHOTO%204%20bread%20flour%20bags.jpg An antique Kaiser bun shaper PHOTO%205%20kaiser%20roll%20stamper.jpg Brownies atop a cheesecake, cloaked in ganache! PHOTO%206%20brownie.jpg A Flourless chocolate cake with gracefully stunning decor PHOTO%207%20flourless%20chocolate.jpg Raspberry Tart PHOTO%208%20DSC07499.jpg Bit of Swiss's best selling cookies PHOTO%209%20Watermelon%20sugar%20cookies.jpg Happy Ending and New Beginning: Our treasured student ambassador Eunice Choi (see posting One) will be doing a three month apprenticeship with Tim AND she will be assisting at the Food & Wine Festival in NY in October--hopefully including Sweets Day on 10/10 when Woody and I will be giving out samples of chocolate ingots and signing the new book! See you there!!!