Happy Birthday Dear Book!

Today is the official pub date of Rose's Heavenly Cakes though the book has been out for several weeks.I thank you all for your wonderful feedback. There have been several "Wows"--can't get more eloquent than that. Another favorite was "insanely wonderful" (love it)! And here's Hector's response on first receiving the book, which I leave unchanged as even his minor errors (English is his third language) touches my heart: Everyone who has cake bible will get this one. It really is everything one can wish for after cake bible! I know all your other books can also be "part two" of cake bible, but this one is it! I hope you live till 150 years, and you release a new CAKE book every 20 years. The world needs it. I am so happy you are so open to reality and indeed you are evolving. This book shows you, the new Rose, renassaince Rose, the Rose that is catering to today and to people of today. Once many times I commented, narrow minded, that mini cakes, cupcakes, red velvet, white chocolate, non mousseline, etc, are not real cake or real baking, but now you changed my vision. I glanced at your book 5 times last night, until taking it to bed and flip every page from the very first page, page by page until past middle of book and falling to sleep. I also looked at the cover, the hard cover, the spine, the paper, how this is all built. I loved my mention, I told my friends I am mentioned in the ackowledgements, perhaps in very short and small print, but now, I have near 5 lines if not a whole paragrah about me! I also loved the part you say that writting is lonelly, and the blog makes you no longer lonelly. So many new angels came to you thru the blog and keep coming, I think now is the perfect time to revamp the blog, change the design, add more functionality, no idea how, so many new technologies now. Maybe just have you come back to it the same way we miss you, with your many generous comments and answers. I think you will, new book to blog about! I don't know how you keep track and in touch with the many people you mention in the ackowledgement and introduction. The world is at your feet, so many friends, colleges, agents, and also computer people! I love woody's picture, with his meassuring device, really neat and well presented. Love the lemon poppy seed cake baked on the heart nordic pan, the slice is so stunning! I thought you already told me everything about the book, you have been, and that yesterday I wouldn't be impressed. I was so wow, this book is so beautiful my dear, so you, and it shows you made this book for love and as a gift to people that you love, many people, and with individual attention. Each cake is a love story! You wrote a cake to each person you love, like a musician giving the gift of music, you write one new song for each one of us. Thank you for been who you are, only you know how and there is only one like you, Rose, but so glad this flower comes in many colors! I hope this book does well and that you take a lot of ginseng and embrace publicity, the news, the media. We really like to hear your side of the story about this book, now that is out to the public!


Another response I adore and treasure is from my cousin Elizabeth Granatelli who is a graphic artist. She is half Sicilian and here is a photo which unfortunately is only a snippet of her with the main focus having been on the Sicilian Pistachio Cake I made for her to taste. By pure coincidence (or was it?!) she is wearing a pistachio and white striped sweater! I Elizabeth's detailed eye in describing so many of the book's special features: Hi Rose, Thank you for sending me the copy of your new book Rose's heavenly cakes. Perfect title! Congratulations! The book arrived in perfect condition, package in a paper envelope with bubbled wrap, encased in a heavy cardboard envelope. The book is exquisite! Your photographs (interior & back cover flap) compliment you. Captures you in a wonderful warm, friendly, and professional way. Woody's photo is really nice. The (book jacket) cover is elegant. The title: emboss lettering, with a gloss finish, makes your (very perfect) title stand out without taking away from the gorgeous, rich photograph. The matt finish on the front jacket enhances the richness of the photograph. Light/glare doesn't bounce off the cover. The spine is unique & outstanding as well. Rich, just the right colors, emboss text, and a touch of the end paper design. The back cover, gloss (makes sense to me because your book may sit on a table/counter top and I think the gloss finish may help protect the back part of the jacket) - a heart with two forks! Brilliant. I love the quote, taken from the forward. Under the book jacket: the hardcover design is very, very sensual........ So is cooking, baking, sharing, eating....... Yum. Nice surprise. The (interior) end pages are just lovely........ An x-ray (Man Ray style or Elliott's influence?) photographic image of small delicate roses. Love the color - not a cliché at all. And the tiny thorns......well (I thought) cooking can be dangerous, using sharp utensils. Nice metaphor, while keeping with your name, Rose. Cooking: a beautiful art, with a hint of risk! Fun! Concept designs repeats on the "Content" pages. I just love Elliott's quote, following the copyright page. Genius. Inspirational. I love the color, type, and layout re: the interior. The color scheme repeats throughout the book - very nice touch - creating a nice feel - compliments the photographs - easy on the eye - easy to follow and read - a visual pleasure. The photographs are sumptuous - rich, with light, & color - I can practically taste each piece. I love that the photographs "bleed" off the edges of the page. Well, there you have it - Again, Congratulations & thanks. I know your book will be a huge success.