My Demo Tape

Now that you've seen so many of my current DVD's I thought it would be fun to post my old demo tape to see what it was like "in the beginning"!TV shows always ask for a tape of performances to access how well an author is able to perform. Having a compilation of vignettes over the years was very helpful when touring the country with a new book. Now-a-days satellite media tours called SMTs are favored over traveling to different cities as they save everyone time, money, and energy. They're actually pretty grueling as various stations sign up and make appointments with the producer and every 10 minutes or so the author goes live via satellite, doing the same demo but answering varying questions from the host of the specific station. Buy it only lasts for about four hours as opposed to two weeks so well worth doing. I hope you enjoy viewing this tape just to get an idea of what the shows were like when I did go on location.