How Sweet it Was (10-10 Day)

and just think: next year it will be 10-10-10!!!But let me share a few photos and highlights of this year's event. Woody came from MN to help and enjoy the accolades of the newly published book. The highlight of the 10 days (everything seems to be coming up 10) was the Sweet Event and the Satellite Media Tour (more about that in a few weeks on YouTube). DSC07744.JPG We arrived early at the Sweet Event to set up our table. I was astonished that the contributed chef's jackets from ChefWear fit perfectly. It's so great that Rochelle is designing chef's jackets for women that fit our curves and don't make us look 20 pounds heavier! DSC07787.JPG When I was invited to participate in this event and I learned I would need to produce about 1000 tastings. I declined until the next day when I remembered that dear Jean François Bonnet of Tumbador chocolate had a wonderful recipe--the chocolate ingots--in the new book and a company that could produce the samples that I in my city apartment could not. He graciously agreed to provide what turned out to be 850 little chocolate ingots. How innocent they looked. Tiny firm brown rectangles that exploded with intense flavor and surprisingly moist texture. I loved watching people'e eyes widen as they experienced them. Our table cloth was brown, the tasting plates clear plastic, and the brown ingots (financiers) blended right in. Ron Ben Israel saved the day by bringing over these beautiful roses from his display. (Ron is the most brilliant cake decorator and is a long time dear and generous friend.) DSC07745.JPG Of course we had to go over to his booth and thank him--also to see the spectacular wedding cake on display and taste his two delicious samples--a pumpkin cake and a coconut cake. DSC07771.JPG

And then the doors opened to a sell out crowd of about 1500! They were, however, unusually civilized and appreciative. When people are hungry for sweets you just never know how desperate they may get! DSC07784.JPG Did I mention that when the organizers asked us if we needed anything I lost no time in replying that we all would appreciate a flute of one of the sponsor's champagne: Perrier Jouet! Wiley publicists and good friends Cary Bachman and Gypsy Lovett stopped by in their glamourous outfits to make sure everything was going well. We made a short tasting expedition and I zeroed right in to one of my top favorite pastry chef's booth--Dominique Ansel, pastry chef at Daniel. His display of varied apples under glass was simple and stunning and his little square of pastry, apple compote, and smoked vanilla bean was breath-takingly refreshing and delicious. DSC07757.JPG Jean François had a wedding to go to so he sent his wonderful charming assistant Annemarie who brought along another friend to help set out the tastings. When I discovered that Eunice Choi, recently graduated from Cornell, who assisted us at the Epicurean Classic was going to be a student ambassador at the event I begged to let us have her at our booth--just for the pleasure of her company. Not surprisingly she provided much more than that, contributing greatly to the smooth running of our little booth that quickly became innundated with hungry guests. The most rewarding moment of the event was when a lovely young woman, Alex Benjamin, stopped by to taste a chocolate ingot and share with us that the new book "Rose's Heavenly Cakes" was the first cookbook she had ever purchased. She saw it in the window of Barnes and Noble and fell in love with the beauty of the cover. And when she brought it home she proceded to bake her first cake which was the Devil's Food Cake with Midnight Ganache. Is there anything more gratifying to an author? DSC07788.JPG And here is our congenial group: Annemarie, Vivian, Eunice, Woody, and me. DSC07762.JPG