Behind the Scenes Out 'Cakes' of Rose's Heavenly Cakes

We have something really fun and instructive to share with you! it is the book within the book--all the photos Woody and I took during the creation of Heavenly Cakes! There are many process shots and also different views of the cakes and different variations so you will be able to see many more possibilities.Pumpkin%20Bundt_00018.jpg These postings will be every other week and will be arranged according to where the specific cakes appear in the book. I am posting the pumpkin cake first, however, because it is so perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I thought you'd enjoy the beauty of the cake itself still in the pan. I love the way the three curved splits form--almost a pity to hide them with frosting! Pukmpkin.JPG Also there wasn't room in the book for the wonderful photo Ben Fink took below of shaping the marzipan leaves. Special thanks to Jason Menegus who provided the original pumpkin leaf from his pumpkin patch. It was difficult finding one that was still in good enough shape as there had already been a first frost. But this one held up long enough to photo copy. I then reduced it to a much smaller size more proportionate to the cake. Special%20Techniques%20Opener_00010.jpg And here's the actual photo of the pumpkin leaf to print out and use as a template. leaf.jpg