Hector's Turkey Comes up Roses

This posting represents the grand finale of Hector's Take on My Cake Previews because soon he will have a link that will go to his own exclusive blog. Please click on this link before reading the rest so as not to spoil the surprise! http://myyellowkitchen.wordpress.com/2009/11/07/pumpkin-cake-with-burnt-orange-silk-meringue-buttercream-page-125/ This is my take on the Pumpkin Cake with Burnt Orange Silk Meringue Buttercream: If the legend says that you can turn into a pumpkin, why can't a pumpkin turn into a turkey? This fabulous oil-based pumpkin cake recipe from Rose's Heavenly Cakes turned into a turkey when baked in the Nordic Ware 3D 2-piece turkey pan. Let me share with you a glimpse description of this cake, a full write out will be posted later when Hector's Take project launches... stay tuned... - what can be done better: touch up with ganache some irregularities/bubbles on the feathers, head, neck, etc, so the Laquer Glaze will have better definition. - what is a miracle: the turkey didn't collapse when standing, in spite of the cake been an oil-based cake and knowing oil never gets hard with refrigeration, as a butter cake would. In fact, I ran out to dinner and left the glazed cake at 74˚F room temperature for about 3 hours, the two halves were glued with just buttercream. - what is amazing: the rose turkey tail defeats gravity. This is done with the silk meringue buttercream! Roses were individually piped on parchment, frozen, then attached on the turkey tail with the same buttercream. It remained at 74˚F room temperature for at least 2 hours without anything falling!!!! You pipe extra petals between the gaps of the frozen roses for the full quilt look. I used mac nuts and mac oil, instead of walnuts and safflower and walnut oils, was GREAT. Happy Thanksgiving month everyone! For more information about how this cake was constructed, visit http://myyellowkitchen.com