Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Deep Chocolate Passion

The Deep Chocolate Passion Cake is one of the most exciting, revolutionary, and versatile cakes in this book. It serves as the base for:The German Chocolate Cake German%20Chocolate.jpg The Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Ice%20Cream%20Sandiwch%20Cake%20Cut.jpg The Designer Cupcakes Designer%20Cupcakes.jpg The Deep Chocolate Passion Wedding Cake Deep%20Choc%20Passion%20Wedding%20Cake_00061.jpg Preparing the Cake Pan for the Batter Rose%27s%20Heavenly%20Cake%20Strip.jpg The exceptionally liquid batter fills the pan only 1/4 to 1/3 full. %231%20first%20show%20pouring%20batter%20in%20pan%2C%20%232%20this%20is%20showing%20how%20exceptionally%20little%20batter%20in%20pan.jpg But, the batter rises to the top of the pan when baked. %233%20Baked%20Cake%20Layer%20in%20Pan.jpg Coating the sides of the pan with Baker's Joy (oil and flour) gives the smoothest sides but shrinks in slightly at the top. 305AA1measurementsfloursprayed.jpg Not coating the sides of the pan results in a rougher crumb but perfectly straight sides. If coating with butter cream this is the best choice but if using a non-stick pan and care the sides will look fine uncoated as well 305AA2measurementsnoflour.jpg