Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Basic Chocolate Layer Cake Process

Mise En Place (Preparation of Ingredients)275Ingredients.jpg Cocoa and Boiling Water Mixture 275A1cocoaandboilingwater.jpg Weigh or Measure the Eggs 275A2eggsandvanilla.jpg Mixing the Dry Ingredients 275B1dryingredientsstirred.jpg Adding Butter and Part of the Chocolate Mixture 275B2butterandcocoamixtureadded.jpg Start Mixing on Low Speed to Keep the Flour and Liquid from Flying Out of the Bowl 275B3stirredmixture.jpg Batter after 1 1/2 Minutes of Beating 275B5closeupofbeatenmixtureat1.5minutes.jpg Scraping the Sides of the Bowl 275B7batterscrapedbeforeaddingremainingliquidingredients.jpg Adding the Rest of the Chocolate Mixture 275B6halfofeggs%2Cvanilla%2Candremainingcocoamixtureadded.jpg Finished Batter 275B8completedmixedbattertotaltimeof2.5minutes.jpg Scraping Batter into the Prepared Pans 275C2fluffybatterpouredintopan.jpg Batter 1 1/2 inches from the Top of the Pan (half full) 275C4batterathalffullinpan.jpg Spacing the Two Pans in the Oven 275C4twocakesinoven.jpg The Baked Cake Side View %23182-cakeafterbaking.jpg The Baked Cake--Taking the Temperature 275C6bakedcakeat194F.jpg Cakes Cooling on Racks 275C7twocakesoncoolingracks.jpg Showing the Slight Doming of the Cake Top 275D3closeupsideshotofrulers.jpg Comparing Cake Made with Butter with One Made with Butter and Oil (Note how much more even the crumb and less the doming of the butter and oil cake. The small addition of oil results in a higher cake layer with finer, moister crumb.) 281F3sidebysidecomparison.jpg