A Sneak Peek

An Extraordinary Baking Book Is on the HorizonI know that you are all (including me) overjoyed finally to have Rose's Heavenly Cakes in your hands after all the months/years of waiting. But isn't it true that there is something deliciously magical about anticipation? So I have a special gift I've just been given permission to share with you: My dearest friend, fellow baking author, and writer of my new book's Foreword, Lisa Yockelson, is coming out with a new book of her own to be published in 2011. bakingStyle will be a personal lifestyle book on the art and craft of baking at home, with 180 full-color visual images capturing the diary-like format of recipes and prose. And prose there will be, as Lisa is the most poetic writer on baking I know. Additionally, there is quite simply no-one who is more detail oriented. Her recipes are exquisitely crafted, thoroughly tested, and meticulously proofed. And talk about style Lisa does all her own styling for the food and the setting. The book could not be more aptly titled or reflective of the author. Here's a preview of one image to prove my point: lisa_11_01_08_00156.jpg Photo credit: Ben Fink The image represents a recipe for rolls in the essay titled "learning to knead."