Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Sponge Cakes

I love the way the cracks formed on the top of this Angel Food CakeAngel%20Food%20with%20Wondra.jpg The Completed Chocolate Apricot Roll Heavenly%20Chocolate%20Apricot%20Roll.jpg Génoise Process Shots Heated Eggs and Sugar Before Beating Genoise%20at%200%20minutes%20after%20waterbath.jpg Fully Beaten Batter Increased in Volume by Over Four Times egg%20volume%20after%205%20minutes%20is%205x%20original%201.33%20cup%20For%20GENOISE.jpg Mixing a Cup of the Batter with the Clarified Butter and Using a Slotted Skimmer to Fold in the Flour %233%20adding%201%20cup%20batter%20to%20butter%20%234%20folding%20in%20flour%20with%20skimmer.jpg The Slotted Skimmer Moves the Flour through the Batter Evenly without Deflating It final%20slotted%20skimer.jpg The Red Fruit Cake When Wine Berries Were in Season in Hope Mary%20Jane%20Fruits%20Rouge.jpg Woody Testing Notes: The cake flour (or all-purpose flour) & cornstarch, cake was lighter, slightly drier, and more open grain. It absorbed the berry juices more readily and evenly. People preferred it over the Wondra for this type of cake . The thinness of the Wondra in the center when inverting to put on the juices risks that the cake might tear. The Pinch Cake Before I Learned How to Use My Digital Camera! (Doesn't this sort of remind you of an Andy Warhol?) Pinch%20Bread.jpg Close Up of the Tres Leches Tres%20Leche%20Slice.jpg Zach's Photo of the Apple Caramel Charlotte Note the rose tint to the apples (he used the red apple peel when poaching the apples). Zach%20apple%20charlotte%201.jpg The Finished Pinecone by Woody Pinecone%20Cake.jpg Pinecone%20Cake-2.jpg