Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Mostly Flourless Cakes

This photo of the Frozen Candian Crown illustrates how the lady fingers rise above the filling when the bottoms of the fingers are not trimmed off.Frozen%20Canadian%20Lemon%20Torte2.jpg A slice of the Frozen Canadian Crown with Untrimmed Lady Fingers Canadian%20Crown.jpg Plated TiraMisù Tira%20Misu%20Plasted.jpg The Whipped Cream Filling Version of the Chocolate Featherbed %23322AA2topshotslice.jpg A Forkful of Chocolate Featherbed %23322AA5cakeisstilllayeredandbowateringoutofwhippedcream.jpg The Completed Jancsi Cake Batter 284A10completedbatter.jpg Batter in the Parchment-Lined Pan 284B2batterbfbaking.jpg Jancsi Baking in the Oven 284B3domedcakeinoven.jpg The Baked Jancsi Beginning to Sink to Form the Classic Concave Contour 284B4cakebeginningtosinkoutofoven.jpg