Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Baby Cakes

Ingots, also known as financiers, in a silicone financier pan.Financiers%202.jpg I love the way this photo captures the glistening points of butter on the surface. Financier.jpg Woody took this great shot of the Plum Round Ingots using pluots which shows the side view as the book photo shows the overhead view. Pluot%20Financiers%20%20side%20shot.jpg This photo demonstrates how different the crust looks when the mini vanilla bean pound cake is baked in a non-disposable metal pan. Mini%20Vanilla%20Bean%20Pound%20Cake.jpg The silky-fine interior crumb of the mini vanilla bean pound cake %20Mini%20Vanilla%20Pound%20Cake%20cut.jpg The photo in the book of this baby lemon cheesecake uses 1 1/2 tablespoons of lemon curd (1 1/2 times the recipe given in the book). This is how it will look if you use 1 tablespoon of lemon curd. I was testing it with a chocolate biscuit base but prefer the yellow version as in the book photo. Baby%20Cheesecakes%20with%20Lemon%20Curd.jpg The Quail Egg Indulgence Cake (not shown in the book) Quail%20Egg%20Cake.jpg I love the special antique glass that Zach Townsend used in this photo when testing The Bostini. Bostini%20Test%20II%207%20oz.%20cup%20at%20two%20thirds%20full%20choc.jpg It was a difficult choice deciding which of many wonderful photos to show of Isabelle Chirls and The Mud Turtle Cupcakes. I love this one because it shows her beautiful anticipatory smile. Mud%20Turtle%20Cupcakes_00028.jpg