Out-Cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes: Wedding Cakes

Woody put seven pounds of weight on top of this cake to test the integrity of the plastic straw supports! Dk%20Ck%20Passion%20with%20Weights.jpg These next photos show Woody leveling a wedding cake: The cake raised slightly above the top of the pan using cardboard rounds. 280C3cakebeforeleveling.jpg The long serrated knife resting on the edges of the pan as a guide for cutting off the slightly domed top to make it level. 280C4beginningofleveling.jpg The leveled cake. 280C5finishedleveling.jpg When necessary to level a cake, always position the cut side down to avoid getting crumbs in the frosting. The only one of the wedding cakes in this book that needs leveling is the banana cake pictured. This is because of the potassium contained in the banana that absorbs and holds moisture, creating steam during baking. Together with the extra structure from the banana fiber there is no way to get a totally level cake and believe me we tried! Close up of the lemon peel rose wedding cake decoration. Lemon%20Peel%20Rose.jpg Close up of a slice of the Double-Chocolate-Whammy Groom's Cake showing the brownie pieces suspended in the baked cake batter. Groom%27s%20Cake%20Cut%20Slice.jpg Those of you who, like me, have sat underneath this white plate with dental instruments hanging over it may enjoy knowing that this is the original milk glass plate that my mother had in her dental office even before high-speed drills became available and the white plates smaller (i have that one too!) I just love the way photographer Ben Fink shot this photo and the choice of shiny black background Roy Finnamore, the prop stylist, chose which reflects the white plate giving the scallops a double image. It was his idea to use the dental plate--devining a long-time wish on my part. Years ago, when my mother retired, she gave me the plate saying "maybe someday you can use it for a cake." Had she lived to see it, she would have been 98 three days from today. Deep%20Choc%20Passion%20Wedding%20Cake_00061.jpg