Holiday Baking

Pecan Pie.jpg

It will be cake for New Year's but for Xmas week here's what I made and talk about heaven on a plate!!! It's my recipe for Pecan Pie from the Pie and Pastry Bible, baked in a tart pan but I discovered I don't have my favorite non-stick Gobel 9 x 1 inch pan so i chose the 1 1/2 inch high one. Cold as it is I just had to photograph it out on the porch with the sun shining on it to show the translucency of the crust. My favorite part is all the textures: the nuts, the crust, the plate, and the table top. The crust is my favorite cream cheese one available on the blog. I now prefer to roll the crust 45 minutes after chilling it as it remains the most malleable. If I'm not ready to roll it I store it in my 65˚F wine cellar. I line the pan, cover it with plastic wrap, and refrigerate it overnight. It has the most perfect shape this way.