Mystery of the White Chocolate Buttercream Revealed

White Chocolate Lemon ButtercreamThis fabulous buttercream came about in a most peculiar backdoor sort of way. It started in my imagination as a cake! I long had the idea that it would be interesting to try my Chocolate Oblivion from The Cake Bible as a milk chocolate version which, in fact, was a viable idea (see page 372). I also wanted to try a white chocolate version and that's the one that metamorphosed into said buttercream. My original recipe called for combining just three ingredients: eggs, butter, and dark chocolate, which bake in a water bath to a creamy, dense, yet slightly airy custard that has been referred to as a chocolate mousse wedded to a chocolate truffle. When I replaced the dark chocolate with white chocolate, baked and then cooled the cake, it was not firm enough to cut. Though the cocoa butter in the white chocolate and the butter are very firm when chilled, the cocoa solids in the dark chocolate are needed to give it a firm enough texture. Of course I tasted it and it was luscious/delicious. What to do? I didn't want to add more white chocolate as it contains about one-third sugar so it had to be either cocoa butter or butter. Since butter is more readily available I tried beating softened butter into the white chocolate custard. The texture was amazingly soft, luxurious, rich (in the words of blogger Bill who wrote: What ever possessed you to try mixing eggs white chocolate and butter to make a custard? It is a miracle that the buttercream made it onto the cake and not directly into my mouth. This buttercream became the base for the lemon curd version on page 46 and a deluxe version on page 176 where I added cream cheese. Woody used the lemon curd version for his Lemon Luxury Layer Cake on page 43 and we were both surprised that in the photo it looked so lemony yellow. Actually we liked it but when we had made it, the color was a lighter ivory. So Woody set to work and discovered than when the buttercream is beaten longer at the final stage of mixing it becomes both lighter in color and firmer. It's hard to see the color change in the photos but they will give you a glimpse into the behind the scenes fastidious work that Woody has been doing over the past five years of his association with me and the book. The Different Stages Showing Changes in Texture and Color During Beating White%20Chocolate%20Buttercream%20refrig%20and%20room%20temp%20%204%20stages.jpg The Completed Buttercream with Out Favorite Lemon Oil 11%20buttercream%20w%20lemon%20oil.jpg