Hector's Take on the Carrot Cake

This posting is for those of you who couldn't resist purchasing the Nordicware wreath pan for the fruit cake in Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Hector has put the pan to a spectacular new use! Hector's Carrot Cakes.jpg Here's how he described it: "We made a 4X batch, wet and dry ingredients on my 6qt ka filled touching the pouring shield, was beautiful, no strain on the motor since it is oil batter and also beater blade was fine. Then with a baby tub, we mixed carrots with a large wooden spoon. Josephine, 8 years old, held the wooden spoon with 2 hands and did all the mixing of carrots on her own! We took exactly 1x by weight, the batter grams you say fills each 9" pan x2 and made the nordic wreath, was 3/4 full or 3/4 inch from the top. So I say, 1x recipe is perfect for the wreath pan, all imprints turned gorgeous. The rest went to the mini cakes you see. Filling each mini loaf pan less than half full." Here's a close up of just the carrot cake baked in the wreath pan: Hector's Carrot Cake.jpg I also like Hector's treatment of the cake in the original 9" by 2" pan. He used macadamia nuts and set a ring of them around the pan touching the sides. Hector's Carrot Cake 3.jpg