The Perfect Plastic Wrap Cutter

Little things can make a big difference. Here's one! My favorite plastic wraps, Stretch-Tite and Freeze-Tite have an inexpensive optional little device called a "slide cutter" that is easily attachable to the box and then "glides across the wrap in either direction resulting in a smooth, even cut ever time".i can't tell you how many times a day (and night) I tear off plastic wrap and struggle to get an even piece that doesn't crinkle up in the effort to cut it free from the box. No more! This is a dream device. It is reusable and costs a mere $3.00. I was alerted to its existence by a blog comment and am most grateful. It's one of those how did i live without it things. I also have the Stretch-Tite Wrap'n Snap 7500 which is a dispensor that, when closed, neatly cuts off the wrap, but it is not available for the freeze-tite. When you go the the site, scroll down to the cutter and go to the "please select" button. Use the arrows to scroll up or down and chose either Stretch-Tite Slide Cutter or Freeze-Tite Slide Cutter.