Notes from Our March Vacation

Although I was sick with a cold for most of it, it was still a wonderful vacation as we saw family and friends and luckily our first night was a terrific dinner at Daniel Patterson's Coi which will be a separate posting because I took so many wonderful photos.Frog Kids.jpg Here are niece Mariella, great niece Marley Jane, and great nephew Hadyn enjoying those frog cookies I made the day before departing for SF. Marley Jane.jpg Princess Marley Jane, possibly thinking about what she will have for dinner. The Family.jpg The Family (Elliott was taking the photo). DSC02315.jpg Elliott making a granddaughter Haley "sandwich." DSC02314.jpg Granddaughter Elyse the gymnast. Michael.jpg Michael Beranbaum enjoying the dungeness crab he cooked. Frances and Michael use ocean water and Guinness Stout to boil the crabs. the result is not beery but rather incredibly crabby! DSC02310.jpg Frances Beranbaum ready to enjoy the crab. DSC02308.jpg The remains of the crab. Great discovery: the lobster crackers from Zyliss (available on line from Sur la Table) make cracking crab, and no doubt lobster, a whole lot easier. I brought back one for Thursday night summer lobster fest in Belveder