Daphne Pang's Birthday Cake for Her Niece

Lauren3.jpgI just have to share this stunning cake with all of you. Daphne lives in Singapore. I"ll leave it to her to describe what she did and how she accomplished but I have to add that her sense of artistry is a shear delight to the eyes. from Daphne: When my sister-in-law told me about the party she was planning for her daughter, Lauren's, first birthday, I volunteered to make the cake. With 3 boys of my own, I am usually stuck making action character cakes like Cars, Transformers or Hotwheels, or the like... so I only get the opportunity to do something a little more creative or girly when my nieces have birthdays. My sister-in-law requested either chocolate or carrot cake, so I decided on a 3 tier cake with both flavours and, with a spring and Easter theme, pink strawberry mousseline covering the chocolate cake would be just the thing! The style of the cake and the candy decorations were inspired by Liv Hansen's designs from her Whimsical Bakehouse book As you're aware I'd been having problems getting the right height for layering a multi tiered cake from the German Chocolate cake batter's base, which I had resolved with Woody's help. I've lost count of the number of test chocolate cakes I'd made, because I didn't have access to a 12"x 2" round pan, I had to use my 12" x 3" pan and, to ensure the layers achieved the right height in the 3" pan, on Woody's advice I increased the batter by 20% The German Chocolate cake is the hexagonal one at the bottom, unsyruped because everyone's tastebuds here run towards less sweet desserts. The Strawberry Mousseline covering the bottom and top tiers was made with the concentrated unsweetened strawberry puree from The Cake Bible. The middle square yellow tier is the carrot cake finished with cream cheese frosting. The top tier is a vanilla-citrus sponge, filled with Cordon Rose Strawberry Preserves and Strawberry Mousseline. My sister-in-law was very happy with it and happily it attracted loads of compliments not just on looks but also taste. Frankly, I was much more pleased that people were having second helpings of the chocolate cake than just admiring the decorations. I must mention the wonderful aroma of the strawberries each time we walked past the cake! Lauren-Collage.jpg