Zach's Apprentice Lillian

A year ago, when we were both in Paris at La Petite Rose Patisserie Zach was an apprentice. Now he has an apprentice of his own and shared these beatiful photos and text:My apprentice Lillian, who is a very enthusiastic new baker with a lot of potential, wanted to surprise her boyfriend with a cake for his birthday. We turned to Rose's Heavenly Cakes to find one she felt he would love. She immediately noticed the striking romantic look of the Double Chocolate Valentine cake, so we scheduled a time to bake it together. These are the resulting photos. In the end, she was short some raspberries, so we improvised by spreading raspberry cream on top as well as randomly placing a few raspberry cream-filled chocolate hearts that I had made. Lillian then placed a smaller heart shape in the middle from the remaining raspberries Nate, her boyfriend, loved it and had several pieces but luckily they saved a slice for me to try - and naturally I loved it, too. LillianandRHC.jpg

Lillian reading through the instructions for the Double Chocolate Valentine cake (sorry for the blurry photo caused by my shaking hands).

Roses Heavenly Cake strips.jpg

Pan with cake strips.

Double Chocolate Valentine Naked.jpg

The cake filled with holes and getting ready for the ganache. The cake baked up perfectly using Rose's Heavenly Cake strips that easily slipped over the heart-shaped pan.


Lillian and the Finished Cake.