April Baker's Dozen Event in San Francisco

I'm looking forward to sharing with you details of the many wonderful events starting with San Francisco and culminating with the International Association of Culinary Professionals in Portland. Fortunately Woody took terrific photos of the cakes and locations so there is much to share. It will take a little time to organize all this but not to worry--the adventures of the events are quite unforgettable! In fact, so much happened it was near impossible to process or digest it all at the time so this gives me a great excuse to relive many of the best moments.There will be 5 postings (one each week) as follows: 1) Baker's Dozen Event in S.F. 2) Napa Bakes in Napa (with Video) 3) Blue Bottle New Roastery in Oakland (part A & B) 4) Gene Burns Radio Show and Omnivore Books Signing in SF 5) Portland and the Columbia River Gorge Meantime, i think you'll enjoy this write-up that Rachelino, a member of Baker's Dozen and one of our own Heavenly Bakers did for the Baker's Dozen blog and has been given permission to share with all of us.