West Coast Book Events Voyage: Part 1


San Francisco Baker's DozenWinning book of the year at IACP in Portland was the icing on the cake of two of the most terrific weeks of my life. Months of planning on the part of all involved went into these events and it was one of those rare times when things went not only just as planned but even better than I could have imagined. It was beyond gratifying to have the support of so many of the most loving and creative professionals and friends. Each event included cakes baked from the new book and each was entirely different in concept. Oh brave new world with all the wonderful bakers in it. I was blown away and am still on Cloud 9. Between the photos, video, and descriptions provided by Caitlin of her event at the roastery, guaranteed you'll feel like you were there. The Baker's Dozen Event was held at the foreigncinema on Mission Street. They also provided a delicious lunch culminating with strawberry shortcake with Meyer lemon cream (not that we needed another dessert but who could resisit! ) Last week I posted a link to Rachelino's write-up of the event. I've just received another write-up by fellow baker Patricia Kline that is so delightful i'm adding it here.

My Brilliantly Creative Friend Diane Boate, aka the Cake Lady of S.F. Who Baked up the Idea for this Event (and also made her beautiful outfit)


Dearest Friends Flo Braker and Marlene Sorosky


Flo organized all the recipes, giving the group a choice of which recipe each member wanted to bake from my suggested list. There were over 100 attendees and lots of cakes, though not everyone baked for this event or there would have been over 100 cakes!

Cakes Being Sliced


Cakes Being Served


The first hour of the event was devoted to chatting and tasting!

Celia, co-owner of Omnivore Books, provided books for purchase and signing.


I spoke to the group for an hour. The time simply evaporated.


The Delightful Group of Delighted Bakers


Happy Campers Kevyn and Rose