West Coast Book Events Voyage: Part 3 A


Blue Bottle New Roastery in Oakland

The Invitation Designed by Caitlin

tour of coffee plant.JPG

Caitlin Williams Freeman, formerly of Miette Bakery, whose signature cake "the Tom Boy" graces the new book, is married to James Freeman of Blue Bottle Coffee--my favorite coffee in the world. She cooked up this imaginative idea to have Bay Area bakers make their interpretation of my cakes from Rose's Heavenly Cakes and some from The Cake Bible in James's new roastery.

Rose and James


We arrived early and were treated to coffee!

My 'Girl' Cappuccino


Woody's 'Boy' Cappuccino


Diane's Coffee (Note the crystal clear bubbles)


There was an endless stream of visitors and I never stopped signing books or talking during the entire event. I was delighted finally to meet Marc Cohen who so generously trained me on Dragon voice-activated software and his partner Dave Hogue who made their wedding cake from The Cake Bible. And I was overjoyed to see my good friend Cheryl Lew, on Montclair Bakery which my brother still frequents despite his move from Oakland to Mill Valley. Here are photos of almost all the cakes taken by Woody and my dear friend Diane Boate, with fascinatingly detailed descriptions by Caitlin.

Greeting Dear Caitlin


Books for Signing


Mutual Friend Daniel Patterson of Coi Restaurant with Staff


Preview of the Cake Table

Detailed photos and descriptions to follow in the next posting.