West Coast Book Events Voyage: Part 3 B


Blue Bottle New Roastery Party Cake PhotosWe started the event with cappuccino but Turkish coffee was served with the desserts--a good choice as I consider cappuccino to be a dessert unto itself so Turkish coffee was a better balance to the cakes. Turkish Coffee Blue Bottle Coffee Turkish coffee is one of the most traditional preparations of coffee. Thrice boiled, it has been described by one of our lovely employees as "Black as death, strong as hell and sweet as love". Typically prepared with cardamom and sugar, we've decided to make a delicate experience, meant to be sipped black. Albers Cake (in 3 parts)Caitlin Freeman & Leah Rosenberg Part 1: Original Recipe: Chocolate Tomato Cake Mystery Ganache Chocolate Fondant Part 2: Original Recipe: Classic Carrot Cake Dreamy Creamy Frosting Fondant (The Cake Bible) Part 3: Original Recipe: Woody's Lemon Luxury Cake White Choc Lemon Buttercream Fondant (The Cake Bible) We chose three complete cakes that we wanted to make exactly as Rose directs - every filling, frosting, and cake. We covered them in fondant and stacked them to look like a Josef Albers painting - if it was made of cake! Mondrian Cake Caitlin Freeman & Leah Rosenberg Original Recipe: White Velvet Cake At the SFMOMA we make cakes inspired by the art being shown in the museum. We took Rose's cake, cut it into bits and re-assembled the whole thing in homage to the De Stijl master! Lemon Cloud Cream Nicole Krasinski Original Recipe: Chocolate Apricot Roll Cream Cheese-Stabilized Whipped Cream Nicole was inspired by the Cream Cheese-Stabilized Whipped Cream and originally had planned to make a roulade with the filling, cornmeal cake, and apricot - sort of "Rugelah roulade". Once she made the filling, she decided it would be more interesting & delicious if it was deconstructed and paired with olive oil, nuts and toasted vanilla bean Diebenkorn Trifle Caitlin Freeman & Leah Rosenberg Original Recipe: Saint-Honore Trifle Seeing the Diebenkorn painting, Ocean Park #122 in person, it's absolutely clear that if it were a dessert, it would be a trifle. So, of course we' took Rose's beautiful Saint-Honore Trifle and mixed it up a bit! Genoise cake, lemon mousse, lemon curd and pomegranate gelee. Sticky Toffee Pudding with Stout ice cream & rhubarb Jake Godby, Humphry Slocombe Original Recipe: Sticky Toffee Pudding Jake was inspired by Rose's use of beer and his love for our San Francisco treasure - Magnolia Brewpub. The cakes are soaked in wart syrup (unfermented beer!) and then paired with a Magnolia Imperial Stout ice cream and rhubarb. Rose Geranium and Strawberry Pinch Cake Amy Brown, NOPA Original Recipe: Catalan Pinch Cake Amy Brown took the perfectly perfect Catalan Pinch Cake and paired it with Rose Geranium Crème Anglaise and roasted strawberries. There might not be anything more deliciously springlike! Caramelized Chocolate Cake with raw milk ice cream Daniel Patterson, Coi Original Recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Daniel did what he does best: deconstruct and make perfect! Coconut Bavarian with Passionfruit Paul Massey Original Recipe: White Gold Passion Genoise Paul Massey's delicious original cake appears in Rose's Heavenly Cakes. That didn't stop him from playing with his own creation! He has re-imagined it with Coconut Bavarian, mango and passionfruit gelee and a passionfruit macaron. Second time's also a charm! Bombay Chocolate Cake Sarah Cox, Dynamo Donuts Original Recipe: German Chocolate Cake Sarah was inspired by the fact that Saffron and Chocolate is her ultimate favorite sweet combo. The German Chocolate cake inspired her to create something in homage of her love of Indian Food. She made the cake just as Rose directed, but took her own liberties with the topping, replacing the pecans with pistachios and adding saffron and lime to the coconut.