A Celebration of Pesto and Spring Garlic


Jana Norstrand came for dinner last night. Little did either of us realize that we'd be celebrating more than the spring garlic pesto: Jana had just been awarded for her work as publicist at our publisher Wiley!This was probably the best pesto I've ever made as all the ingredients were so special. The frozen pesto was from Woody's sister Kim made from basil from her garden in MN. The olive oil was from the just released harvest from Ragusa, Sicily; the Parmesan Reggiano was over 15 years old, and of course the newly harvested crisp fresh garlic and the garlic serpentine-like scapes were terrific decor and great flavor and texture. And in Jana's hand is a glass of Man O'War sauvignon blanc from NZ. I love sb with the grassiness of pesto.