Almond Toffee--the One Sweet I Can't Stop Eating


When we went to Beaver Creek this year we stayed at the Hyatt. And I looked forward to going to bed every night because by the pillow each night were two of the most exquisitely delicious candies imaginable: Enstrom's Almond Toffee--a milk chocolate version and a bittersweet version. The bittersweet worked perfectly as a foil to the sweet toffee but I loved the milk chocolate version as much so I carefully bit each one in half and then handed over the reluctantly uneaten halves to Elliott (even though they were both placed by my pillow) who seemed to be enjoying them as much as I was.

When I got back to New York, I called Enstrom's and ordered some more. And finished it all, but the memory of the buttery caramelized crunchy sugar, bits of whole almonds, and chocolate coating lives on. In fact, if there were any left I'd be leaving the computer right now for just one more piece (hah!-who am I kidding--one?.)

I had forgotten that my Mahogany Buttercrunch Toffee is one of people's favorite recipes in my Christmas cookie book. But toffee can be tricky. Just this week someone posted on the blog that the toffee tasted burnt. If you don't have an accurate thermometer don't even try making this recipe--just order it on line from Enstrom's or call 1-800-367-8766. They're beautifully packaged for gift giving. People are always saying they don't know what to give me. Try this! And if you're feeling adventurous, try mine on page 97 of Rose's Christmas Cookies pictured above.

PS the recipe for the deluxe version, with chocolate on both sides, is now in The Baking Bible!