A Funny Story from Vacation in Hope!

I just have to share this with all of you!Last night I made a cheesecake I'm testing for the next book to bring to a birthday dinner party at my friends the Meneguses tonight. I covered it tightly (thank goodness) with plastic wrap and set it in the downstairs fridge. When I went to admire it this morning, to my horror I saw that the cake pan was sitting in a pool of water! My first thought was that somehow, magically, horrifyingly, the cheesecake had lost all of its moisture. But then I saw a little pool of water on top of the plastic wrap. I tasted it and it did not taste like cheesecake but rather like the spring water that I had filled the water container with and set on the rack above the cheesecake not expecting it to drip slowly through it's spout. How ironic that after having baked the cheesecake in a water bath, protecting it from absorbing water by placing the pan in a silicone pan, it then was exposed to water from above during chilling. Luckily I had used a new Wilton springform that has such a tight seal none of the water leaked into the ladyfinger-lined bottom. I think it didn't. I'll know for sure tonight!