Back to School Where They Belong!

Remember all those postings of "Book Production" describing the process involved in writing Rose's Heavenly Cakes? Well they are represented by 15 boxes of paper from each stage of production--from manuscript to corrected page proofs.I've been holding onto them, intending to keep them for one year. That year is up and I've been loathe to discard them. I kept thinking that it would be so interesting--no: invaluable for a student who might like to see the specifics of what is involved in writing a cookbook such as the suggested changes the copy editor makes and which the author accepts etc. etc. and etc. I asked Marvin J. Taylor, Director of the Fales Library and Special Collections at the NYU Bobst Library, if he would like to have them as a contribution and thankfully he accepted. As an aside, I was in the first NYU class to have its graduation in the Fales Library when it first opened. This is a true home-coming. Here is what was sent. DSC02505.jpg DSC02506.jpg DSC02507.jpg DSC02508.jpg Filed, Sealed, and Ready for Pickup DSC02512.jpg