The Batterberrys and I at the CIA


Several years ago, I was invited to attend and participate in a Pastry Conference held at the CIA Greystone, by Michael Batterberry of Foods Arts Magazine. One of the sponsors. The California Raisin Board, asked me to represent them with a raisin-laden dessert. I chose my chestnut and raisin Panettone from The Bread BIble and accompanied it with a rum raisin crème anglaise. The next day, another of the participants, Yusuf Yaran from Turkey, came up to me and whispered in my ear: "I couldn't stop thinking about you since yesterday!" My eyes widened with alarm until he whispered further: "...Your panettone!" I was relieved and charmed. Several years have passed and a few weeks ago I received a delightful note from Yusuf together with the only photo I have of me and the Batterberrys which I treasure and am sharing with you along with the photo of me and Yusuf. The conference was amazing fun--imagine a group of some of the best pastry chefs from all over the world exchanging techniques and stories, tasting many desserts, and forming life-long bonds. And one of the most memorable events for me was attending a dinner of just four people at the Auberge de Soleille to celebrate Michael's birthday.