Food Landscapes and the Art of Creation

Food Landscapes Cover.jpgHaven't we all heard, growing up, those reproachful words: "don't play with your food!"? Some of us (I for example) 'took revenge' by becoming food stylists or cake decorators. Photographer Carl Warner chose instead to "invent the food landscape art form which transforms real food--vegetables, fruits, bread, fish, meat, cheese, and grain--into finely detailed vibrant three-dimensional scenes..." The details and imagery of his work are awe inspiring. At first one has to look twice to see the food components in the scenery. But beyond the entertainment aspect, Warner's art reaches a deeper and ever more pleasing subconscious level. Consider how broccoli and parsley stalks do indeed ressemble trees, and the fringes of dill, fronds in the forest. Could it be that the Creator of all things used themes and patterns the way we mere mortals do? Broccoli Landscape.jpg Warner himself says that his images "let people look at the world in a different way, opening up their awareness of, and respect for, food...Once the audience makes the connection between the food as art and the food they eat, it starts a dialogue about how it is grown, where it comes from, and why nutrition and sustainability are essential to our well being." Warner's work strikes a familiar chord, reminiscent of the movie Avatar, where on the planet of Pandora all things are spiritually connected. There is a mystical beauty, symmetry, and reassurance to this vision. It makes the mystery of life stil more mysterious and at the same time more approachable. Carl Warner's Food Landscapes could well be the perfect gift for the art lover, the food lover, and children as well. For a video of Carl Warner creating his masterpieces click here. To purchase the book click on this link.