Kings of Pastry Plus!


My darling friend the inimitable Diane Boate, the very one who arranged our book presentation event at the Bakers Dozen West last April in San Francisco, recently arranged another fabulous BDW event, this time at the Balbao Theater. Imagine viewing the documentary "Kings of Pastry" and on leaving the movie viewing this display of pastry made by members of the Bakers Dozen! In the words of Diane: It was a miraculous collection of talent and edible art. This from Gary Meyer , owner of the Balboa Theater, about Bakers Dozen participation: It was the kind of wonderful that was so wonderful you could not quite believe what you were looking at and tasting! Just imagine sitting in a somewhat tense movie about an important pastry chef competition in France, you are filled up with the emotion of winning and losing, watching all those chef coated contestants in their white toques ----movie ends and you stream into the theater lobby and, WOW here are 13 white toques and chef jacketed pastry chefs standing behind a dazzling array of baked creations filling 2 long tables. Toques off to Delia Athey, Annie Baker, Rebecca Boardman, Allen Cohn, Debbie Ferrante, Kandi Kerchum , Irvin Lin, Eve Lynch, Cindy Mushet, Susie Pope, Maralyn Tabatsky, Angeline Tan and Nora Tong. (Toque on the far right resides on Diane Boate.)