Spring Cold

I'm on day three of my perennial Spring head cold. The silver lining here is that I can always count on 3-5 pounds of weight loss between my diminished appetite and that of the voracious virus. Today, I remembered an oft repeated old-wives type expression my mother cherished when I was a child and had a cold. I suspect it was her way of trying to encourage me to eat, which, if you can believe was something I did not enjoy doing as a child. How many of you know that expression: Feed a cold and starve a fever?The problem for my mother is that it backfired because I interpreted this to mean that if you had a cold you ate and if you had a fever you got to starve. Naturally I was thrilled to have the fever! When I got older I discovered that what is really meant by this expression is that if you eat when you have a cold it starves or prevents the fever. But I wonder if this is even true, it's so counter-intuitive to the lack of appetite a cold produces.