Cake Bible Sightings

The Cake Bible has appeared at the greatest heights and at the lowest depths of the world.Some years ago, my friend Judy Elkins sent me of a photo of another friend standing in front of a bookstore in Katmandu in the Himalayas, holding up The Cake Bible! Still another friend, Arlyn Bake, reported seeing The Cake Bible in the kitchen of a submarine in the North Sea. And now Rick Mindermann of Corti Brothers has sent these delightful pictures from a recent a trip to Italy's most famous Pannetone bakery. 100_3253.jpg 100_3230.jpg 100_3198.jpg Darrell Corti (pictured at right) is appreciated and known by chefs and home cooks alike for his unearthing and importing the finest ingredients from around the world. When visiting the Loison Bakery in Costabissara, just outside of Vicenza, owner Dario Loison (pictured at left) gave Rick and Darrell a tour which included the entire factory. And look what is residing at sea level in his research library! 100_3250.jpg Finding my beloved books in these and other countries around the world makes me feel that a part of me now lives in many places and connects me to the universe of food lovers.