Serve Yourself! (You DeServe it!)

IMG_0255A.jpgOne of my favorite food editors, Joe Yonan of the Washington Post, has just published his long awaited cookbook on a subject that is dear to my heart. The subtitle, nightly adventures in cooking for one, tells you everything you need to know about what the book features! Serve Yourself is a book that is tailor-made for people like me. When I was single, 35 years ago, I cooked for myself almost everything night, and with great pleasure. I regularly sat down to a delicious meal, often feeling like a queen. I had limited funds, I was working full time and going to school every night of the week but somehow I always found a way to eat well, and usually at home. This is because I cared passionately about food. And I still do! When my husband is out for the evening I cook for myself. Tonight, for example, I have one left-over soft shell crab from last night's restaurant dinner. I will boil some pasta, sauté some garlic in my best olive oil along with the drained pasta, cut the crab into pieces, and toss it in along with a small chiffonade of basil from my window sill, add a squeeze of lemon juice, reopen some carefully stored leftover sauvignon blanc, and be in heaven. I've been following Joe Yonan's column Cooking for One, in the Washington Post, with great enjoyment so I'm delighted that it is now available as a book to benefit all those of you who don't get the Post. Last week, I attended a terrific book party given by our mutual friend Suvir Saran at his NY restaurant Devi. It was a quintessential who's who of food professionals from the surrounding area. It was great catching up with friends while I relished delicious recipes prepared by chef Suran from the book: the flavorful Farro Salad with Chickpeas, Cherries & Pecans, and the perfectly prepared and mildly spicy Halibut with Red Peppery Chutney. There was scarcely room for desert but after a nibble of one of the Cardamom-Brown Sugar Snickerdoodles, I found it quite easy to finish the rest of it! IMG_0254.jpg The book is filled with enticing recipes which I look forward to doubling and making for both of us as well as for my more rare solo dining experiences.