A Global Website Bookstore

I frequently get questions from people around the world who want to buy my books but can't find them in their local bookstores and find it too expensive to pay for shipping through book websites.We have Judy of to thank for this great resource called the book depository. Judy posted the following information and I want to bring it to your attention through this larger blog posting to make it easier to find. "They are a British company and ship worldwide for "Free" and this makes it really easy for those of us not living Stateside to buy our favourite books. They have regular promotions too so keep an eye out for the coupon codes. They also have a British site for some reason at this web address so check the prices at both sites as they can vary. Their customer service is also one of the best I have ever experienced for an online store. Though they only deal in books and the occasional CD, I wish I could buy everything else from them. I have ordered all of my favourite cookbooks this way." Thank you Judy for generously sharing this great information.