The Perfect Caramel Pot

Thumbnail image for SCANPAN.jpgCaramel.jpg Those of you who are familiar with my work already know that caramel is one of my top favorite flavors and I try to work it into many recipes components. So it won't be surprisingly to learn that I have long been in search for the perfect caramel pot. And here it is! Scanpan Classic Ceramic Titanium 2-Quart Sauce Pan with Lid It is the ideal size for almost all of my recipes. I wouldn't mind having a 1 quart as well as there are times when I make only a small quantity of caramel or sugar syrup. Here is what I've been looking for in a caramel or sugar syrup pot: A non-stick lining that can withstand heat up to 380˚F/193˚C--the maximum temperature to which I bring caramel. (ScanPan is safe up to 500F/260C!)The non-stick lining is important as sugar syrups and caramel risk crystallizing if scraped out of the pan. The scan pan releases every last smidgen of the sticky syrup. A pouring spout on both sides of the pan for left and right handed pouring. A pouring spout designed so that the syrup pours precisely where you want it to land without dripping onto the sides of the pan. The ScanPan has it all! lSCAN PAN.jpg