Pastry Women's Holiday!

5727208151_d6f9537197_b.jpgSeveral weeks ago in Cambridge, when Woody and I enjoyed lunch at Cragie on Main, we got a hot tip about where to get great doughnuts in Brooklyn from the delightful server Sam. It seemed like a perfect idea to visit my dear friend Caitlin Williams Freeman and make an expedition to the recommended bakery that was in walking distance from her Blue Bottle Coffee Café. Caitlin's assistant, Sarah Cox, who had the day off came, in to join us and is responsible for these great photos! The bakery had a delightful old-fashioned charm. 5727218923_9165dd772e_b.jpg We all agreed that the cheese-filled turnover, made with doughnut dough and hot out of the oven, was the hands down favorite. It's telling that it is the only one for which we have no photo as we couldn't resist stopping part way back to Blue Bottle to sit on a park bench and tear into it! Back at Blue Bottle, we took our cappuccini into the office and laid out the vast selection of doughnuts. 5727238583_bb06eaf4de_b.jpg Of course we all had to try at least a small piece of each one--after all, this was research! It was doughnut bliss! Top favorites were the French crullers, both honey dipped and chocolate coated, the wholewheat doughnut, and the coconut sprinkled doughnut. 5727808064_d7c6e71219_b.jpg We three are now busily planning our next adventure. Meantime, Sarah promised to accompany me on a long walk on the Hudson River walkway to burn off a few of those doughnuts.