Dad's 97th Birthday Today!

We celebrated I made his birthday dinner by my making it a few weeks ago when we made our annual stop over on the way to Elliott's conference in Lake George. Of course there was cherry pie (his fav) and a load of molasses cookies for weeks to come. I also brought a rib roast to cook and Yorkshire popovers that I renamed Pop's Popovers as he adores them. By the way, Nordicware now makes a terrific popover pan of cast aluminum that is absolutely stick-proof! (They also make a mini popover pan.)Pop'sPopovers.jpg Dad is no longer able to live on his own but is comfortably ensconced at his caretaker Shelly's house. He has become very thin and fragile but he happily zooms around on his electric scooter. IMG_0314.jpg Shelly makes the most impressive camp fires. Neighbors are constantly dropping off wood and tree trunks to fuel it! IMG_0317.jpg When we arrived at Lake George (this is where my parents met 68 years ago!) there was a stunningly beautiful storm approaching. IMG_0303.jpg The interplay of light and shadows on the lake and surrounding mountains is ever changing. See the rainbow?! IMG_0308.jpg We drove up to a near by mountain top which afforded an amazing view of 3 states and the lake. View-from-the-Top.jpg Next posting will be of our newest restaurant discovery in Saratoga Springs.