H.S. Music & Art 50th Reunion

The-Building.jpgI can hardly believe it myself, except when I look at the one foot plus lineup of my books on the shelf, that it's been a half century since I graduated from high school! I've only been to class reunions twice before because they always fall on a weekend in June when I'm usually going to the country. But the 50th is special and I was not about to miss seeing people from all over the country that I haven't seen in many years. (Of course I made the cake pictured at the end of this posting!) A full year went into the planning of the event.

M & A, which we fondly called our school, is now situated in Lincoln Center and merged with the High School of Performing Arts but we were given permission to hold the reunion at the old school, pictured above, which we called the castle, situated between the Gothic buildings of City College. The-Plaque.jpgRicky's-Painting.jpg My other best girl friend, Sherri Scott, got in touch with me recently through face book. I hadn't been able to find her all these years because she had gone to Hollywood directly from high school and changed her name to Tedi after her great uncle Theodore Dreiser. She went on to be the founder of the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company in Atlanta, Georgia and married broadcaster Joel Godard, hence her name Tedi Godard. You can see in this photo the photo she is wearing around her neck which we each were given to show what we looked like 50 years ago, in case no one recognized her! As you can see, she is as drop dead gorgeous and radiant as she was in high school. Tedi.jpg Carl Brosius, pictured below with his wife Diane, was my best guy friend. He was a music student who chose voice as his instrument because we had to carry our instruments up the steep hill to "the castle" every day and he cleverly realized that voice would be the lightest instrument to carry! Carl taught me to figure skate at Wollman Memorial Ice Skating Rink and even taught me a jump turn landing on my outer edge! Carl-Brosius-&-Diane.jpg My other best guy friend was Donald Jacoby pictured below with Carl. He and Carl also were best friends and were always mooning over Sheri who was a good foot taller than all three of us. Donald was probably the sweetest guy in school so it's surely a case of pure projection that he had written in my yearbook "stay as sweet later as you are now"! He told us that he has twin boys that look exactly the way he did in high school. He played the tympani (no he did not have to carry his drum up the hill--there were exceptions) but is now, among other attributes, a world expert in antique cars. Carl-&-Donald.jpg The biggest surprise was seeing Daniel Domb. He had been tall, dark, and silent due to the fact that he had recently arrived from Israel and didn't speak any English! Public schools were not allowed to admit students who weren't fluent in English, but somehow M & A managed to work out an exception due to Danny's brilliant talent as a cellist. Now he is tall, white-haired, and exuberant and no longer silent either on his instrument or his voice. He is conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and a world renowned recorded cellist. He performed a sonata for cello by Zoltan Kodaly that was so amazingly executed it sounded like five celli rather than just one. Daniel-Domb.jpg There were also other wonderful musical performances in the old (still unairconditioned) auditorium and a power point presentation of art that was absolutely awesome. My dearest friend, June LeBell, produced and hosted the performances. You may remember June as she was the gold-voiced host of WQXR for many years. After the performances we all descended into the basement cafeteria for dinner. It was 85˚F and I feared my Chocolate Domingo cakes would and, in fact, they did melt--but it was in the mouth. Of course I had to choose the cake dedicated to Placido Domingo as what could have been more appropriate. Rose-&-Cake.jpg I went over to Daniel Domb to hug and congratulate him, and encouraged him to try my cake as that is my way of performing. I told him that I put cayenne pepper in the ganache so that it would 'sing' in the mouth! It must have worked because I overheard someone saying "you've got to try the cake--it sings in the mouth!" After seeing this photo you will not be surprised to learn that though Elliott enjoyed the performances he still is not planning to attend any more class reunions! (But not I--it was one of the most moving events of my life!) Elliott.jpg Photos Taken by Two Seniors from Laguardia High School: Fan Chen and Christina McGrath