Birthday Cakes Fit for a White House Pastry Chef

Chef Albert Kumin, one of the most revered pastry chefs of all time, celebrated his 90th birthday on October 9 at a grand reception at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall in New York City. The idea for the party, and parade of cakes by some of New York's best bakers was baked up by esteemed fellow cookbook author, friend, and creator/director of the pastry and baking program at ICE Nick Malgieri.Toba Garrett, master chef instructor at ICE, organized all the bakers. Each cake represented a different stage of Chef Kumin's career. Albert_Kumins_90th_1.jpg The new Swiss Consul General, François Barras, presented the special medal to Chef Kumin. I gradually recognized that it was the same François Barras who, as a young man and assistant to the ambassador from Switzerland, invited me to lecture about chocolate at the Smithsonian. I hadn't seen him for 24 years. It was a delightful reunion. It was also a great pleasure to see so many of my colleagues who all came out to honor Chef Kumin. Photo by Herman Reiner The first two cakes are about Albert's birth and early years in Switzerland and his home town of Wil in Canton St. Gallen. Cakes from Charmaine Jones and Martin Howard . 1.jpg 2.jpg This cake was designed by Colette Peters to honor Chef Kumin's early career as a pastry chef in Switzerland. 3.jpg The cake was presented by Colette's assistant Jennifer Roach. Photo by Herman Reiner ColettePeters3A.jpg Toba Garrett's cake represents Chef Kumin work at the opening of the Four Seasons Restaurant. 4seasons3.jpg Ellen Baumwoll's cake represents Chef Kumin's teaching at the Culinary Institute of America. culinary4.jpg Michelle Tampakis's cake represents Chef Kumin's work at Windows on the World at the World Trade Center. Photo by Herman Reiner 6A.jpg Adrienne Longhitano's cake represents Chef Kumin's work as White House pastry chef. whitehouse7.jpg This is the back view of the White House. whitehouse6.jpg Betty Van Norstrand created a replica of the cake she made with Albert for Disney World's Epcot Center. disney8.jpg Rosemary Littman's cake represents Chef Kumin's retirement garden in Vermont. retirement9.jpg