Saturday Night Celebration of Power Return

Menegus-Fall2011-Harvest.jpgFor those of you who kindly sent your well-wishes: Our power in NJ was restored last Friday night after having been off for 7 whole days. We arrived early Saturday morning and, to my great joy, discovered that the milk and cream had not spoiled--a sure indication that the frig. never got too high. There was some minor defrosting event in both freezers but there were all sort of indications that it had stayed mostly frozen. For one thing, the pesto in the upside down container hadn't sunk to the bottom! So I defrosted a steak. We also went over to visit the Meneguses and Maria gave me a wide variety of Fall vegetables, all of which were included in Satuday night's dinner. The steak was still juicy and flavorful. I grilled the eggplant, poblano, yellow, and jalapeno peppers that turned out to be the hottest I've ever experienced of those varieties! The potatoes turned out to be a happy mixture of purple and Yukon gold and they were turned into smashed potatoes--a great recipe for America's Test Kitchen. And the one ripe yellow tomato was excellent. Even the half bottle I had decanted of Paul Autard Côte de Rhone was still first rate. Happy once more and planning that generator although will probably have to wait as, it seems, they are totally out of stock. I wonder why!!! PS The reasons the food survived so well are because: the Kitchen Aid and Sub Zero refrigerator/freezers are very well insulated, I had them filled with food plus plastic containers of water, and the temperature in the house never got above 40˚F/4˚C (remember no power=no heat!). My min/max thermometer in the equally well-insulated wine cellar never dipped below 55˚F/13˚C (I have it set at 60˚F/15˚C)