UGGG is the word!

And the joke is on us the consumers.I brought my UGG boots to the SoHo store because the soles in the front had become unglued--causing me to trip. I mentioned that the black insides stain my feet but I hadn't come to complain about that--only to have the soles reglued. The heels were hardly even worn down. The manager informed me that the warrantee on Ugg boots is for under one year and that they wouldn't even fix it for a fee. When I mentioned about the dye staining my feet she said: "Oh, that only happens in the beginning." I pointed out the illogic of saying the boots were not new enough to be under warrantee but still 'new enough' to stain my feet. She just stared at me at a loss for words--poor thing. All I can say is that they would change the name from Ugg to Yukk as it sure left a bad taste in my mouth!