A Macaronathon™

Macaronathon Stack.jpg

Macarons from La Maison du Chocolat, photo credit Pricilla Martel It has been written recently that the macaron is the cupcake of the year. It seems that America is having a love affair with the French macaron! But I'll bet no one has ever done for cupcakes what my friend and colleague, Priscilla Martel, is doing for American Almonds and macarons: She and a girl friend did a tour of New York bakeries carrying macarons and created this google map complete with beautiful photos and fascinating information about macarons. What a delightful and enviable project. Here is an invaluable link all about macarons including a recipe and several tips and step-by-step photos. Priscilla and friend will be adding additional cities/bakeries in the new year.